Take it:

Nationals Series Price is (-135) against the Pirates which is likely to be a Lock! (Hence the free money Title)… The Nationals are playing at the top of their game and I personally don’t think they can be out scored, not to mention their unreal pitching staff.

Yankees Series Price is (-135) over the Royals, the Yankees fell short against the Astros twice last Sunday and I’m expecting them to bounce back strong this week in Kansas City. The Yanks (22-13) are a reliable team especially against the struggling Royals, lets all pound this series and take the free money!

Rockies are Even Money tonight which seems to be great value in Minnesota. The Rockies play great on the road, posting an (11-5) record and are averaging nearly 5 runs per game ranking 9th best in the league. Great Value play, don’t go crazy on this one though.

Leave it:

Golden State is (-13) at home against the Spurs in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Lets stay away from this one, Pop (aka Pop-a-doc) is livid over Kawhi getting injured on a questionably dirty play by Zaza. I think Pop has something up his sleeve attempting to make this a close game. Everyone and their mother will probably be taking GS even with the 13 point spread but this game is a trap.

DO NOT TAKE THE CUBS: Until they win at least two games in a row, I’m staying away from the cubs with their (-200 average) juice. They’re currently unreliable and its not worth losing double your money, therefore I’ll be watching this series as a fan rather than an investor.

Take it or leave it,

Keep in mind I plan on posting my record going forward. This might be the perfect source for wagering insight, or just take the opposite of what I like. That’s personally how I feel about Benny’s picks.

Stay saucy my friends. $$$