Ryan Pace made headlines in the 2016 NFL draft by trading up 2 spots to draft Leonard Floyd from The University of Georgia. Many fans, including myself were puzzled by this move because the Bears had more pressing needs and Floyd was by all accounts, small for his position. In college, Floyd had a wide receiver’s frame and a Wide receiver’s number (84). Alas, he was an edge rusher, and one of the most explosive players in college football but his size raised some questions as far as his NFL transition. My initial reaction was that the Bears just traded for the next Gains Adams(R.I.P.), who the Bears famously traded their 2nd round pick for in 2009. (Even if he didn’t die, this would’ve been one of the worst trades In Bear’s history). I was pleased to see him prove me wrong with a strong second half to the 2016 season, giving the Bears a rare glimmer of hope on the defensive front. When Floyd was able to stay on the field, he was an explosive pass rusher which resulted in 7 sacks. He was able to use his quickness to elude opposing offensive tackles, but when they were able to get their paws on him it was game over for Floyd. It looks like Floyd joined me in entering the Eddie Lacy off season program, which consists of eating everything in sight, because he has finally bulked up to a respectable playing weight. The Bears defense need a big year out of Floyd to give them a defensive play-maker they have been looking for since the days of Lovie Smith. This year I’d like to see Floyd develop into more than just a situational pass rusher, and bulking up will certainly help him accomplish that. Hopefully he can stay on the right track, add even a little more weight and continue to trend in the right direction. Here’s to a strong season for Floyd, and the Bear’s Defense. Bear Down.