Correct me if I’m wrong, but most NBA fans from the Chicago-Land-Area would be quick to say they “Hate” Lebron James! Amongst the flopping, ignorant comparisons, and utter domination of the Eastern Conference, I can admit I’m not the biggest fan either. Even though “hate” is a strong word, others must realize us Chicagoans are not very fond of those comparisons to the real #23 (But that’s a discussion for another day).

The media likes to keep a narrow focus on players who are having MVP season, but is Lebron James going under the radar just because he’s not in this years’ race? Personally, I’m too busy hating on him to care (obviously bias), but whether we want to admit it or not we are witnessing greatness. He has 7 NBA finals appearances, going on his 8th (possibly his 7th consecutive) this year and he doesn’t look like he’s slowing down. “The King” is posting his most efficient playoff run yet, averaging 34.8 Points/9 Rebounds/and 7 Assists per game. It seems to me that we are so used to his Greatness that we expect him to reach the finals, but we’re very quick to point out he only has 3 rings (yeah, just 3).

In the last couple years, we’ve seen Warriors vs. Cavs in the Finals and it’s likely to be a 3peat for 2017, as both teams are still undefeated throughout the playoffs. With the acquisition of KD, it seems like Golden State has this one in the bag. But would it surprise you if the Cavs made this Finals one for the books? Not at all, currently there’s no other player that could make a bigger impact against the Warriors than Lebron can. I’m actually hoping the Cavs win this year, but that’s only because there’s no money to be made taking the Warriors. Needless to say, we need to appreciate what Lebron is doing. I hate to admit it but he’s slowly but surely becoming an all-time great and we’re Numb to his numbers. He’s having a playoff run that you’d only wish your “2K -Myplayer” could pull off. I’m not saying to stop hating, cause I’m sure as hell not going to, but open your eyes a bit more and realize what we get to watch year in and year out. Or just continue to see what you want, and ignore what seems to be numbing greatness.

P.S. If you completely disagree please leave your comments, but if you like this post share it. I’d be happy to know if I’m speaking accurately for my fellow Chicagoans.