The USA Today’s Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) tweeted out some earth-shattering news today:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.11.33 PM

Would ya look at that? Just when everybody started saying Roger Goodell was ruining the NFL, he comes out and says NFL players can finally have some fun in a game that was made for just that reason. No longer will players need to live in fear of scoring a touchdown because of a 15-yard excessive celebration penalty, and the ensuing fine from the league office. Though the NFL will become more lax on celebrations, not everything will be acceptable, as Pelissero notes.

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While players can’t celebrate the way normal American’s like to celebrate with things like guns and sex, they can still do the classics, like the worm or the goal post dunk.

Last month Goodell stated his stance on Marijuana. He noted that players still can’t smoke weed to help them recover because of its obvious addictive qualities. Rather, they will need to continue pumping themselves full of high quality pain pills that are not as addictive. I know the players don’t like this ruling, but it is the safe, responsible choice. Roger found a way to make it up to the players, allowing them to express themselves on the national stage. This was a nice little compromise from Roger, helping him get back into the player’s good graces as well as create some positive PR for the league.

In another move, the NFL owners voted to shorten NFL overtime periods from 15 to 10 minutes. This move will surely cause more games to result in a tie, which is exactly what NFL fans want. Nobody wants to see their team lose in a close game, this change will ensure fans won’t have to deal with heartbreak as often. More ties = More fun for all.

Overall this has been a good day for Roger and the NFL. I for one, cannot wait to see the positive impact this will have on the NFL’s ratings next year.