Boom! Add another WR3 to the mix in Chicago. The Bears have done a tremendous job of stocking up on mediocre pass catchers this off-season, adding the likes of Rueben Randle, Markus Wheaton, Kendall Wright and now Victor Cruz. You know the old saying, you can never have too many WR3’s on your roster. Victor Cruz would’ve been a great addition if we were still in Obama’s first term, but this is Trump’s America now. The Bear’s completely revamped their quarterback situation with a few promising options, Mike Glennon and Mitch Trubisky. I would like to see them do everything in their power to help Glennon and Trubisky succeed, and I’m not quite sure they have done that. Having a top-notch target would help both of these guys develop, offering them a sure handed target, or at least someone who could stretch out opposing defenses.

This isn’t Victor Cruz’s fault. I’m actually excited to see if he can regain some of the flash he showed in New York, but I’m also not gonna hold my breath. I am just upset about how the Bear’s handled this position in the off-season. Alshon Jeffrey signed a 1-year prove-it deal in Philadelphia with a cap hit of $9.5M, the Bear’s could’ve easily retained him if they wanted to. If they were concerned about his injury history and thought it was time to move on, that’s fine, they could’ve signed somebody else to fill that role. Terrelle Pryor signed a 1-year $6M deal, is only 27 years old and is still learning the Wide Receiver position. Pryor is better than any WR on the Bear’s roster, and he would be something fans could get excited about. Now the Bears need to bank on Cam Meredith to build off an extremely promising rookie campaign and pray Kevin White can stay healthy and justify his first-round selection. We’ll see what happens, maybe someone on the roster can surprise some people and take over that WR1 role, but that is far from a guarantee. Bear Down.