In the modern day office place most communication is delivered via email or instant message, at least that’s how it is in my office. I think this is a major factor to the decrease in office place sexual harassment (I have no idea if this is accurate but it sounds right). Now, I’m sure sexual harassment still happens every day in offices around the world but the limited in-person conversations have caused this these occurrences to diminish. The ‘Mad Men’ days are long behind us when harassment was an expected daily occurrence. With that being said, people will always adapt to the environment they find themselves in, and they have yet again in this digital landscape we all live in. I myself have been receiving far too many instant messages with winky face emoji’s, so many that it has started to make me uncomfortable and unproductive. Listen, I get it I’m the young buck in the office, fresh out of college and some of these ladies I work with can’t handle being cooped up in the same office with me all day. I guess I’m what they in the industry call “office candy”, that’s my cross to bear, and I have been bearing it up until now. But at a certain point the winky emoji’s just need to stop. Janice from accounting doesn’t need to tell me “Going to lunch ;)” every day. Just say “Going to lunch” or better yet, don’t say anything at all and just go? I don’t even interact with Janice from accounting all that often, certainly not enough to need to be informed of her lunch schedule. And what does the winky face imply there? What could she possibly be eating for lunch to require a wink? When stuff like this happens, it gets me asking myself questions like these that end up consuming my whole work day. This causes me to be unproductive, which causes my boss to get pissed, which causes me to get pissed. The cycle never ends. I’m not even saying the winky face emoji should be abolished from the work place, there are several instances where it is appropriate. For instance, “I’m cutting out early today ;)” is completely fine because it involves a risky act with no further implication. “Did you have a good Memorial Day  ;)” is NOT okay because I have no idea what that wink is implying. I try to just sit down, shut up and do my work but it’s tough when I got winks flyin’ at me from all directions. It feels like I’m driving a race car through a gun range, it’s distracting. Monica Lewinski thought she had it tough, but she ain’t seen nothing like this new internet age workplace.