This year, the first day of June means it’s the first game of the NBA Finals.  It is game day.  Everybody, unless you have never watched a game of basketball in your life, knew this match up was coming since Kevin Durant chose to sign with Golden State last offseason.  It was inevitable that the Cavs were coming out of the East because no one can come close to beating LeBron (in the East) while he is still in his prime.  Both teams have had historic postseason runs with a combined record of 24-1.  It is the rubber match of this Finals trilogy, and it should be one of the most highly anticipated finals’ match ups in NBA history.

I say it SHOULD be because many people don’t see it the way I do.  I have heard people talk about a possible sweep for the Warriors.  I think that is blasphemous.  After what we have seen out of LeBron this past year, how can people count him out before the Finals even begin?  Although the Warriors didn’t have Durant last year, LeBron lead his team to a finals win after everybody thought the Cavs were dead in the water.  I’ll even admit, I thought the Cavs were done as well.  They showed me that when they are playing their best basketball, they can beat anyone, including this incredibly talented Golden State group.  Also, Kyrie is being Kyrie, and Kevin Love is playing his best basketball since being in a Cavs’ uniform.  Both teams are currently playing their best basketball of the season, so sit back and enjoy, because we should be in for a great and long series.

When you compare these teams’ rosters, it is an interesting matchup.  Both teams are incredible three-point shooting teams, but there are many differences as well.  From 1-12, an argument can be made that the Cavs have the better roster.  That doesn’t mean they are the better team, but they have more people on their bench they can trust in difficult situations.  Golden State is top heavy.  With that being said, their top four guys are so talented that they can afford to split those guys up and play them separately.  It’ll be interesting to see what the Golden State rotations are going to look like because they have to figure out a way to keep their elite talent fresh.  It’s a difficult task because they don’t have the luxury of going deeper into their bench like the Cavs.  However, I’m going with the Warriors in seven games.  I have to roll with the big four of Golden State because I believe this is one of the best teams ever assembled.  If these guys get burned out, though, like they did last year, LeBron has a chance to swoop in and steal another ring.

What would this mean for LeBron if he finds a way to pull this series out?  I am not someone who likes to have that “MJ vs LeBron” conversation constantly.  I will say that the conversation isn’t over when this series is over.  Many people think he is going to be considered “the greatest of all time” if he manages to win this series, due to how talented this Warriors team is.  Although I don’t agree, winning his fourth ring against this team would do wonders for his case.  It would be the most impressive series win of his career, without question.  With that being said, it’s not enough to considered better than Jordan, yet.  I can’t call him better with a ring count of six to four.  LeBron still has prime years in his pocket, though.  He has time to build his resume.  Even LeBron understands why people don’t think he is the greatest.  He isn’t worried about that.  He knows he has time to prove himself before father time comes calling.  This series doesn’t make or break his case, but it is incredibly crucial if he wants to start turning Jordan people into LeBron people.  There is so much on the line in this series… I’M READY TO TIP IT UP!