After watching last night’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals, it’s safe to say Vegas odds makers as well as most NBA Fans, are quick to count the Cavs out on yet another improbable comeback. The current best of 7 series odds favor the Warriors heavily, listing them at (-1600). And for those who aren’t familiar, this indicates that a $100 wager on the warriors will cost you $1,600 if they were to lose the series. On the other hand, Vegas has the Cavs at (+900), which indicates a $100 wager will win you $900 if they somehow come back. It’s clear that the warriors are the favorites but don’t forgot about what happened last year, Cavs came back from a 3-0 deficit to cash in a (+5000) payday for whomever had that wager…

Last night the Warriors put up 132 points while knocking down 18 from beyond the arch (new NBA Finals Record) in what seemed to be an effortless victory. Granted, having home court advantage is huge in the playoffs, momentum is equally important, and currently all momentum is in favor of Dub Nation. The Warriors are playing their best basketball, and I personally don’t think they can be stopped. Paul Pierce was quoted last night, “He (Durant) may be the best player in the world today,” whether you agree with [Mr. Smokin’-on-Dat-Head-Band] or not, you have to realize Durant has been putting up slightly better numbers than the King thus far in the Finals. KD is the hungriest player on the court, seizing every moment and playing his best on the NBA’s biggest stage!

Lebron and the Cavs came out strong in both games but it seemed to me that they simply ran out of gas. Lebron posted a double double in the first half last night and it was clear he was going hard in the paint, making 6-9 down low while taking over late in the 2nd. But Lebron’s efforts just weren’t enough to get a win in both affairs, he’s playing great but their defense is at a loss right now. In game 1, the Cavs gave up 20 turnovers which lead into fast break points for the Warriors. Now, in Game 2 the Cavs did a much better job taking care of the ball, only turning the ball over 9 times. But unlike the Warriors in game 1, the Cavs where unable to capitalize on the Warriors 20 Turnovers in Game 2. Defensively you must be able to turn your defense into offense and most definitely capitalize on those 20 turnovers.

Ill end with a simple rationale for why the Warriors will win the 2017 Finals. In order for the Cavs to win one game let alone a series they will have to put together PERFECT games both offensively and defensively. Whereas the Warriors can get away with Klay Thompson shooting terrible in game 1, or even giving up 20 turnovers in game 2, they’re still coming out on top by an average of 20 points per game. The Warriors don’t need perfection in order to win. If you ask me, “Believe Land” has very little to believe in Right Now.

Night Night, Lights Out!