If I’m Dana White I am dialing up Sidney Crosby and P.K. Subban’s people the second the Stanley Cup is over. The two basically auditioned for the UFC on the ice yesterday. After jostling all series, the Crosby/Subban saga finally reached its boiling point. Sidney Crosby was shown on national television, which many small children watch, attempting to bounce Subban’s head off the ice repeatedly. At first glance this looked like the dirtiest move I have seen since Crosby accused PK of having bad breath earlier in the series. Further explanation proved this not to be the case; Crosby clarified what was going on in a post game interview.

“He lost his stick. I don’t know what he was doing… he was doing some kind of UFC move on my foot. I don’t know what he was trying to do. I was trying to get out of there. He had lost his stick. He was trying to hold me down. I don’t know what he was trying to do with my ankle. I was in some kind of lock there. I don’t know what it was.”

 When you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected UFC fight, you have no choice but to pull out some of your own moves to defend yourself. Crosby masterfully escaped Subban’s vicious ankle hold and proceeded to bash P.K.’s head into the ice. This is a move that has Kimbo Slice smiling up in heaven. Luckily the refs saw this UFC fight for what it was and didn’t call an extra penalty on Crosby. It was just a little skirmish, PK got him in an ankle hold, Crosby tries to give him CTE, that’s how those things go in the UFC/NHL. Now its on you Dana. With McGregor trying to box Mayweather, you need a new draw. If boxing is stealing McGregor from the UFC, the UFC should steal 2 stars from the NHL. It’s a match made in heaven, they already hate each other, already talk trash and already have unsanctioned fighting experience on the ice. This is the best free promotion I’ve seen since O.J. gave the Ford Bronco some free TV time back in the day. Who wouldn’t watch these 2 Canadians prance around an octagon, what is there to lose? Better yet, why not make the octagon out of ice and have boards and glass surround it rather than a cage? The chance of somebody’s face getting slashed by a skate will draw in more viewers alone. Make the call Dana, for all of us NHL/UFC crossover fans.