Just about half way through the start of the 2017 season, Charlie Blackmon is quickly becoming a house hold name.  And as many of us saw this weekend (against the Cubs) this man is the real deal. Below is a picture of some soft pansy ass center fielder who made his major league debut in 2014 for the Rockies.

No beard

Charlie Blackbitch posted very impressive numbers in his rookie season: which included (.288 BA/ .335 SLG/ .775 OPS). Charlie quickly became a fan favorite, but his teammates still had little respect for him considering he was a rookie.  The kid had one good year, and any veteran hitter knows that its tough to maintain a >.280 BA for more than one year in the MLB. Blackbitch continued to play at a high level through the 2015 season but was still unable to win over the respect he deserved from his teammates.

Then… after the 2015 off season Charlie Blackbitch was a no show. It was Mr. Beard and Boujee himself, Charlie Blackmon the new and improved 6’3″ 215lb center fielder returned to the club house and was turning teammate’s heads while doing so. boujee

Blackmon brought a new mentality to his game, noted as the “@Chuck_Nazty” demeanor, making all pitchers fear his presence as well as playing the game every bit as intense as he looks. He is currently one of the league’s hottest hitters, and after gaining respect from his teammates, hes leading the underestimated 1st place Colorado Rockies (41-24). The man is an absolute monster at the plate, posting incredible first half numbers: (.337BA/ .629 SLG/ 1.1013 OPS). Many, including myself will accredit these numbers to his Beard.

Opposed to Blackbitch, Blackman and his beard are making quite the statement. For those who think its just coincidental that he is playing better and just so happens to have a beard… well your wrong! Mind you, this trend isn’t just league wide, it even transcended into the NBA. Look at James Harden, pre-beard he was just a soft bench player, now look at him, hes one of the leagues top players and a potential 2017 MVP.

If you ask me, it’s no coincidence Blackmon or even Harden are both playing their prospective games better than they were without they’re Beards. Its evident the Beard makes them play better. Haven’t you ever herd the saying, “Look Good, Feel Good,Play Good,” as long as these two are looking like savages, that’s exactly how they’ll play.

These Dudes are Beard And Boujee.