The Cavaliers will be in search of some fire power this off-season to match the incredible talent the Warriors possess; Yes, we already know who will be playing in the 2018 NBA Finals.  If the Cavaliers are a “Super Team,” the Warriors are a “Super-Duper Team” because the talent at the top of the roster isn’t even comparable.  The Warriors have four perennial all-stars, while the Cavs only have two.  Even if Kevin Love makes an all-star team here and there, he is no longer a player that can have his fingerprints all over the game.  He is now limited to being a spot up shooter and an above average rebounder.  As the third option, that isn’t enough if you want to compete with Golden State.  What do you do if you’re Cleveland?  LeBron needs to call Paul George and tell him they need him in order to beat the Warriors.

Paul George can opt out of his current contract after next season.  If he has any intention of winning an NBA title at some point, he needs to get out of Indiana and join the Cavaliers.  The reason this is possible is because George can let the Pacer front office know that their hands are tied.  He can tell them he intends to walk away from the team after next year, so they better get something back for him in some kind of trade before that day comes.  The Pacers can work out a deal for Kevin Love (and maybe a draft pick) and they will be able to keep him for two years because he can’t leave until his contract expires after the 2019-20 season.  That is much better than letting George walk away for nothing.

Paul George is a legitimate superstar.  Although we have never seen a player like Kevin Durant, George might be the closest thing in today’s NBA.  His combination of height (just about 6’10”), length and athleticism creates problems for opposing defenses night in and night out.  He is also an elite perimeter defender, because of this length and athleticism, and that might be the Cavs most glaring weakness.  If you substitute George for Love on the defensive end, the Cavs improve astronomically on that end while obviously improving on the offensive side of the ball as well. Also, you take the burden of guarding the other team’s best player off of LeBron, thus letting him focus on running a fluent offense.  If his assignment was guarding a post player or lesser talent most nights, he won’t run out of gas as easily like he did in almost every game of the NBA finals.

There are people that don’t think this is a good idea because it will give them three ball-centric players in LeBron, Kyrie and George.  LeBron and Kyrie are in perfect sync almost every night, so there is no need to worry about them.  As for George, he will need to change his game.  I don’t think this would be much of a problem.  As long as he is willing to play off the ball more, the Cavs will have no problem fitting him in.  Even if he isn’t great at running off screens and getting himself open without the basketball, his length allows him to get shots off without much separation.  George is a lights out shooter, whether he has space or not.  Even if he can’t get his shot off after the catch, that will be his time to create for himself and others.

Who else would the Cavs try and pursue?  Do people want LeBron to holler at his buddy Chris Paul?  I don’t care how many banana boat rides they’ve been on, those two wouldn’t work well together.  In order for Paul to be successful (and happy), he needs to dominate the basketball.  That would work on most teams, but not a team that has LeBron James.  No one is going to have the ball more than LeBron, and they shouldn’t.  If Paul George wants to win championships and not be known as one of those great players that just couldn’t get it done, he’ll be willing to swallow some pride and go to Cleveland.  Obviously, the Cavs will need to work on a long-term deal with George after acquiring him, but even if they only have him for one year, it would be wise to unload Love’s contract to free up some money.  The LeBron, Kyrie and Love combination has run its course.  It’s a perfect match.  George needs the Cavs, and the Cavs need George.