**UPDATE: Miguel Montero has been designated for assignment. See ya later Miggy**

After last nights game, Miguel Montero had this to say:

“It really sucks because the stolen bases go to me. And when you really look at it, the pitcher doesn’t give me any time. So it’s just like, “Yeah, okay, Miggy can’t throw nobody out.” Yeah, but my pitchers don’t hold nobody on. It’s tough because it doesn’t matter how much work I put on footwork and throwing and everything, because if I don’t get a chance to throw – that’s the reason they were running left and right today, because they know he was slow to plate. Simple as that.”

Miguel Montero and Jake Arietta. I am getting real sick of these guys. They are the two biggest complainers/excuse makers I have ever seen. Miggy needs to realize he is over the hill. You’re the backup catcher dude, act like it. The reason you can’t throw anybody out is not because your pitchers aren’t holding runners on, it’s because your arm stinks. But he’s the backup catcher, no one expects him to be Yadier Molina out there. If he could just shut his mouth this would be a non-issue. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this shtick from Montero. Last year, Montero commented on his role with the team.

I’m a veteran guy. They talk about veteran leadership. I have 11 years in the game and two All-Star [appearances]. I expected to be treated a little better. I was expected to get communication. Just let me know. Put me in the loop. That was the toughest part for me because I never understood what my role was going to be.”

Well Miggy, if you’re insinuating you’re a “veteran leader” then we have a different definition for a veteran leader. Throwing management under the bus last year for making the completely justified decision to start Willson Contreras over you, and complaining this year about his pitching staff not holding runners on, is the opposite of leadership.

On the other hand, you have Jake Arietta, who seemingly has an excuse after every poor start. Whether its Jake saying his arm is tired, he has low energy, his thumb hurts, he was sweating too much, or his workload over the last two years have affected his performance, it is never his fault. Maybe you just don’t have it anymore brotha. Arietta had one of the most dominant pitching stretches in history over a year and a half span, nobody forgets that but he is just not what he used to be. The stuff is still there, but he has less control than I do on a weekend bender. The guy can’t hit his spots, it’s that simple. The hard-ass persona Jake has given himself is only cool when he dominates on the mound, when he isn’t dominating he looks like a douchebag. Maybe dial it back a little bit until you figure your shit out? At least Jake’s excuses are mostly excuses about his own body, Miggy is over here blaming everybody but himself. Both kinds of excuses are annoying as hell, especially when the team isn’t performing to its expectations. Truth of the matter is that the Cubs probably don’t win the World Series without these guys last year, but this whole act is getting old. I’m not going to call these guys a “cancer” to the team because theyre not, but their attitudes are surely not great for clubhouse morale. I almost guarantee that Jake will say Montero wasnt framing pitches well when he is asked about Miggy’s claims, thats the kind of guy he is. Watch.

I have a proposed solution for this. Jake and Miggy need to have a locker room cage match just like Michael Barrett and Carlos Zambrano had back in the day. Winner stays on the team, loser rides off into the sunset. Tom Ricketts could televise it. Make a little bit of coin that he can throw at Bryce Harper this off-season and everybody wins, except the loser of the brawl of course.