Kyle Schwarber is back baby. Hopefully in a month or 2 we all forget that he was even sent down at all. It seems he has figured some things out down in his short time in Iowa, hitting .343 with 4 dingers in 11 games. Yesterday, Joe Maddon insisted Schwarber may return to the leadoff role which would be a huge mistake in my opinion everyone’s opinion. Schwarber’s struggles were at least partially impacted by him batting leadoff this season, so why through him back into the fire? Hit him in bottom half of the lineup and let him build on his AAA success. The problem is that the Cubs don’t really have a prototypical leadoff hitter since Dexter Fowler left, but Joe needs to come to grips with the fact that Schwarber isn’t that guy. The idea was that Schwarber is capable of putting the bat on the ball but he has struck out at an enormous rate thus far. I’ve always been one who has stressed patience with Kyle, he is still a young player who missed essentially an entire season last year. While concerning, I don’t think his performance this year is a great indicator of what his career will end up being.

It may be wishful thinking but I am hoping Schwarber sparks the Cub’s lineup. Like my rent, the time for them to figure it out is passed due. I don’t think the Cubs should be too concerned with making the playoffs this year because the NL Central is the weakest it has been in recent memory. The Cubs need to go on a run after the break though or they are toast in the playoffs. This is not the team the Cubs had last season, they basically went wire-to-wire last year with a small hiccup before the all-star break. With that being said they are fully capable of being that team again before it’s all said and done. They need to get themselves another starting pitcher, but one that won’t warrant a guy like Eloy Jimenez in return. Look for the Cub’s to make some minor moves and regroup after the break, if not it’s going to be a depressing October.