The 2017 HR derby is set to take place tonight in Miami, where 8 of the leagues most dangerous hitters will go head-to-head in a bracket style competition consisting of 4 minute rounds. Let’s get right to it and cut the crap, there are only 3 possible candidates that will win this derby the other 5 might as well stay home.

2017 HR Derby Bracket:

HR Derby

TOP 3:

  1. Giancarlo Stanton (+120)
  2. Aaron Judge (+130)
  3. Cody Bellinger (+600)

Lets start with my boy Giancarlito Stanton, the raining 2016 HR Derby Champion. Last years Derby was no contest for him, winning the first round (24-7) over Robinson Cano, then winning the second round (17-14) over Mark Trumbo, then finally defeating the 2015 HR Derby champ, Todd Frazier (20-13).

MLB: All Star Game-Home Run Derby

Now, for this years Derby he’s back in his home park in front of his favorite fans, and ready to give them a show they’ll never forget. Carlito is a damn man child, so far this season he’s posted 26 HR/ 58 RBI/ and a .277 BA. Not to mention, last year he recorded all top ten of the farthest hit balls in the competition. Based off last years clinic, Stanton has the upper hand when it comes to home field advantage as well as proven stamina. Putting up 20 Homers in the final round tells me he’s able to conserve his energy and will be clutch when the lights shine brightest. Carlito is my pick to click going into tonight’s derby, and hopefully Judge makes it to the final round so we can witness one of the greatest HR derby’s of all time.

The second favored pick for tonight is ARRON JUDGE, a towering 6’7″ 282 lb ogre of a human that literally just popped out of right field . The rookie is posting the most impressive first half numbers in this 2016 season,  with 30 HR/ 66 RBI/ and a .330 BA, he’s most definitely on pace to shatter a handful of MLB rookie season records. As far as going into tonight’s derby, anyone who has seen Judge take batting practice knows he has just as good of a chance to win as Stanton. Judge hits absolute moon shots, crushing his Home runs on average 415 ft, making sure that fans in attendance are alert when he’s in the box.


The man has hit so many homers that the Yankees gave him his own section in the outfield. “The Judge’s Chambers” not too many players get a section at the park named after them, let alone in the first half of their first season. The only potential downfall that I can see with him, would be loosing stamina and energy in the later rounds. A guy of his size that will be swinging out of his shoes every time, is liable to run out of juice and get too tired to capitalize . I predict The Judge will absolutely destroy Justin Bour in round 1 but then he will have his work cut out for him in round 2 against Cody Bellinger. He will then advance to the Championship round where he will fall short to Stanton due to lack of energy and ultimately being a bust in this years derby. Final Round prediction: Stanton over Judge (25-24).

I’ll end will Cody Bellinger as the best value pick for tonight, he’s (+600) which means hes a heavy underdog but he has a very good chance to win. Bellinger is also a Rookie and and if it weren’t for Judge, he would easily have a much bigger spotlight. Thus far he’s posted 25 HR/ 58 RBI/ and a .261 BA, not to mention the killing spree he went on a month ago where he homered 10 times within a 10 game stretch. Bellinger has a tough match up in round 2 but if he can pull off the upset against Judge, he very well might have the momentum to propel himself past Stanton in the Championship round. Do Not sleep on Bellinger!