McGregor is most definitely the underdog going into this fight, but right now he’s killing the Moneyman. These promotional events for the fight have got me all kinds of fired up! These past two events have made it evident that Mayweather has stepped into McGregor’s ring in terms of trash talking. This is what he does, McGregor is the king of trash talking, not only is he an entertainer and hyping the fights up, but he’s also getting underneath Floyd’s skin while doing so. Granted, I do sense that this build-up is getting blown out of proportion in respect to a match-up that will ultimately be a let down. Nonetheless, we need to enjoy these pre fight antics since it may be the best part of the fight.

I can go on to tell you who I predict to win the fight and why, but I honestly don’t follow combat sports enough to feel good about my opinion. But as far as the shit talking goes, I’d like to think I know a little bit about this aspect. McGregor is basically attacking this like an old school rap battle, just dissing everything he possibly can about Floyd.  A couple days ago it was about Floyd’s track suite and what he was wearing, calling him a “12 Year Old Break Dancing Bitch.” Then yesterday he proceeds to ridicule by asking, “What are you doing with a school bag on stage, You can’t even read!” McGregor has just been relentlessly roasting his life and its phenomenal. Clearly I’m a fan of Connor but c’mon, the material he’s coming up with is great. Mayweather then comes back with acknowledging the fact that he  in fact can’t read and throws his money in McGregor’s face. Looks like being one dimensional has carried over into his shit talking, Connor is tearing him up on that stage and Floyd just keeps coming back with weak counters. Unfortunately for Connor this fight didn’t end yesterday, come Aug 26 I hope we get to see a fight that amounts to even half of what its hyped to be. I’ll share with you the a highlight clip of the past two promo events, enjoy!

Honestly, I don’t have it in me to just simply watch this fight. So for what its worth, I’ll be taking McGregor which is likely to be (+600). Stay up Mr. Notorious, let’s continue this roast into the ring. In the infamous words of Floyd, “Let’s Get This Money!”


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