At this time tomorrow, I’ll be poolside with my ESPN alerts on full go. There’s absolutely nothing better than betting 100% of the time your in Vegas. Myself and three others will start our adventure at 8:30 tomorrow morning with hopes to come out on top this year. Odds of all of us winning are slim to none but hopefully I’m the lucky one. Nonetheless, I’d like to go over a few Chicago Future Bets that I have in mind while I’m out there. ***You may just want to take the opposite.

MLB Futures:

Cubs to win the Division-    1/4 odds

This is most likely a lock but I personally don’t have the funds to front this take, this will hit, the question is how much are you willing to risk? If you have money to toy with, I’d say, “Let it Ride” but i’ll only be throwing down on this bet if I’m up. Free money….

Cubs to Win the Pennant – 13/4

This is way more enticing than the Divisional bet, obviously very bias but this is a great value for the reigning World Series Champs. I know, I know, but the Dodgers are Hot and are on pace to have a better record than the Cubs did last year. As everyone knows, anything can happen in October! And I truly think if the Cubs get going late in the year, as they’re showing signs of, they can run away with the pennant. Plus, you never win by betting the chalk everyone knows that, take the Cubs people great value!

As for the Sox, ill do you fans a solid and not mention your odds…

Chicago Bears O/U Win Total: 5.5(Under) -130

These Bears were Horrendous last season winning only 3 games, ONLY 3 GAMES!!!!!! And if that wasn’t pathetic enough, we all know what was done in the draft to help solidified the re-building phase. The Bears schedule was not easy by any means last year, but holy crap they are in trouble this year. Prior to their week 9 bye, they play Falcons(Home), Bucs (Road), Steelers (Home), Packers (Road), Vikings (Home), Ravens (Road), Panthers (Home), Saints (Road)! Go ahead, ill wait while you pick out a winner in these match-ups, the bears will start out (0-8). I’m taking the under on this one and likely betting against them all season long! Most people never bet against their team, but c’mon… I know you like the free money.

The Bulls are in the same boat as the White Sox, I won’t even waste my breathe.

Lastly we have the Blackhawks, I absolutely love the odds to win the Western Conference.

Hawks to Win Western Conference: 7/1

This bet screams value, but honestly I don’t have the most statistics to persuade why. In the past 5 years the Hawks have been a contender to say the least, with a couple moves in the off season I like the direction they’re going. I’m also guessing the odds on this take will decrease throughout the year, so if you like the Hawks this year then its in your better interest to take them early. Besides the 2015 Hawks were nice to me, so why not give them a chance in 2018. They are a team that always finds they’re way to the playoffs and most definitely have experience once they get there!

Hopefully we get some winners out of these picks, please feel free to leave suggestions or further reasoning to take or go against these picks. I’d love the feedback or even a debate!