“The first time Gilbert Arenas and Mia Khalifa met together with the producers of their new sports talk show, they alighted on the same question.

“Are we allowed to swear on this show?” Khalifa recalled with a laugh this week.

They are, as it turns out. And the question probably reveals something of the tenor for their joint venture. “Out of Bounds,” a daily program scheduled to premiere Oct. 16 on Complex News’s YouTube Channel, will bring “the comments section to real life,” according to a Tuesday news release announcing the endeavor. The show will also personify “the rawness of social media commentary in an authentic way,” according to the release. And it will be led by two personalities who built massive online followings out of their willingness to say just about anything.” via Washington Post

So I’ll be 100% honest, I have no idea who Mia Khalifa is. No Idea at all. I like the idea of making the sports talk space more diverse by bringing in a minority woman, but maybe they can do it with someone better known by its highly male target audience. I don’t know if any of you guys know who Mia Khalifa is but I sure as hell don’t, so I’ll assume you don’t either. I thought for a second it was that annoying chick Kelly from the Office but that ended up being Mindy Kaling so I am all out of ideas. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Hey idiot, just google her!” Well guess what? I did at work today and the search was blocked and my boss told me she wants to chat at the end of the day. She musta mistakenly been on some sort of government database or something, I dunno probably just a big misunderstanding. I did look her up on twitter and her bio says “D.C. Sports Girl”, she is verified and she has 1.9 Million followers, but I am assuming most of those are bots. I am rooting for her, but I remember Barstool Sports hiring an Asian woman I have absolutely never heard of named Asa Akira and I don’t think her viewers lasted very long, which caused her not to last very long at the site.

As for Gilbert Arenas, Im sure he will do an okay job as long as he talks about the shenanigans he and Javaris Crittenton got in in the locker room back in the day. This whole thing is up to Mia. If she can grasp the attention of her male audience, this could be a big hit. I think she can too. She is a very pretty young lady and she has a very innocent look to her. I’m guessing she is just out of some Ivy League journalism school and highly qualified for this, but again I have definitely never heard of her and recognition is the biggest thing in jobs like those.

P.S. I did just realize that this blog might come off as sexist because I don’t know who an emerging sports media personality is from the fairer sex, but I really don’t want it to come across that way. I just simply have never ever heard of her. I give you my word that I will try to become as familiar as I can with her work as soon as I have access to my personal computer and not my work computer that has her blocked for whatever reason.