LITS Sports is proud to announce that Comeback SZN is underway! Johnny Manziel won’t be the only thing coming back atcha this summer. With the commencement of: the MLB SZN, NBA Playoffs, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the NFL Draft around the corner we figured there’s no better time for us to dive back in.

Every great story has its ups and downs, and we would like to apologize… for absolutely nothing. We took some time off the same way Johnny did, we were Lost in The Sauce all winter.


I do believe my last post was prior to going to Vegas which ended in a similar fashion to Johnny. I shouldn’t have to spell out the comparisons but one year later we’ve realized what we where missing and just want to get back into the game we know and love. Literally tens of people have asked us why we stopped providing them with content. “Reading your material was the only thing that got me through the day.” They would scream. And each time that message was heard a small part of us died. We would like to win our loyal readers back and gain tens of more readers in the process. This isn’t for us. Its for you, the people! (And because we’re super bored at our desk jobs).

Peep LITSS Comeback SZN: Summer 18

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