“The White Sox are having a rough few days. 

Their North Side rivals canceled their home opener because of some snow Monday, while the Sox played through the crazy weather conditions. 

As a result, the attendance wasn’t ideal for the Sox’s game against the Rays. 

While the paid attendance announced during the game was 10,377, the actual attendance was 974, according to the Tampa Bay Times.” Via SI.com

Let me start out by saying, this is NOT a criticism of White Sox fans. The one thing I realize that many others do not is that unlike other fan bases, White Sox fans all have jobs. They are a hard working fan base who cant make it to a frivolous day game because they are out providing for their families.

You know who doesn’t have jobs? Orphans. There were only 974 seats being utilized at Guaranteed Rate Field on Monday and Jerry Reinsdorf didn’t donate a single extra ticket to an orphan. We knew Jerry Reinsdorf was cheap. I mean Christ, he has a “Major League” baseball team in the 3rd largest city in America and he has never given out a $100 million contract. But did you think he was so cheap that he wouldn’t spare a few tickets to Chicago’s less fortunate youth? Never in my wildest dreams did I think Jerry Reinsdorf was that heartless. In many cases orphans are to young to have jobs like most White Sox fans because of the Child Labor Laws passed in 1916. These laws have given children a lot of free time to do things like, oh I don’t know, go to baseball games. Would a majority of them decline the invite? Maybe. Probably. But it’s the thought that counts, and the only thing Jerry Reinsdorf is thinking about is dollar signs, folks.

There are 40,615 seats at Guaranteed Rate Field, by my estimation that left 39,641 open seats on Monday, none of which were occupied by an orphan. Jane Addams would be ashamed.