“Cub’s have the deepest starting rotation in baseball.” ehhh, D.J Connor would most definitely disagree. Naturally being a Cubs fan, I have no choice but to be harsh on the Cubs but damn this has been a slow start. One might attest this horrendous start to the weather, and I’d be quick to tell that person they are incompetent. The Cubs have played 8 of their last 14 games indoors or in Miami. The weather is no excuse for having a rotation that’s only made it through 6 innings. (See garbage stats below)

Cubs-Rotation-780x405Jon Lester – 2 starts, 11 IP (avg. 5.5)

Kyle Hendricks – 2 Starts, 11 IP (avg. 5.5)

Yu Darvish – 2 Starts, 10.2 IP (avg. 5.1)

Jose Quintana – 3 Starts, 14.1 IP (avg. 4.7)

Tyler Chatwood – 2 Starts, 11 IP (avg. 5.5)

D.J. Conner is hands down the softest kid I know and I’m confident that this little guy can have a better outing than any of our 5 starters. Not to mention this awful start has really made it hard on the bullpen too. The Cubs staff has a legit 50/50 split for starting pitching and relief pitching. This is laughable for a team that was suppose to have one of the best rotations in baseball. Not only are they putting the offense at a disadvantage but they’re also completely depleting the bullpen.

Figure it out Cubbies, I’m not having this .500 record mediocracy. I don’t know how much longer things can go on without Maddon giving D.J. a ring. Wake up!