They always say good things happen to the ones who wait, and by 2028 I will have waited 16 long years to get revenge on the Crimson Tide of Alabama for beating us in the 2012 National Championship. Make no mistake about it; Notre Dame totally would have won that game if it weren’t for Manti Teo’s girlfriend passing away (at that time we didn’t know she was fake). In 2028 the Fighting Irish will get revenge, and it will give me and my unborn, and unconceived, son a chance to bond. I just hope the game falls on “my weekend” but I guess that’s for the lawyers to decide.

In all seriousness, this is a GOLDEN opportunity for Brian Kelly. Kelly has been on the hot seat for a couple years now but he can solidify his spot on the Irish sidelines for 10 more years simply by hyping this game up from the start. If he loses a week 4 game to Wake Forest, all he has to do is stare into the camera with his rosy little cheeks and angrily say “We’ll be ready for Bama.” Or at the end of the year when the media asks him how he thought his 7-5 season went, he can say “We have taken a lot of strides to prepare for Bama, and I guarantee a victory in 2028.” How do you fire a guy after guaranteeing a win against Bama? You cant. You gotta let him prove himself in that game, no matter how long you have to wait. To really make this plan work, Kelly is gonna have to start locking up 2028 recruits now to prove he’s really trying to win this game. With Youtube and social media only growing, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the winners early; he just needs to get to them before Lane Kiffin does.