Hero turned enemy Dexter Fowler has an interesting approach to turning his season around. Fowler seems to be taking the Wade Boggs approach to getting back on track after starting the season hitting an abysmal .155 for the Cardinals. Relying on a fully stocked beer fridge to break your slump is a good strategy in theory, but I know from experience it is a slippery slope.

Having a few cold ones might loosen you up for bar games like bags or darts, but doing this for your day job is a ballsy move. If I am being honest, I’m torn on what I think the impact of Dex’s new approach will have. On one hand, being sauced up will help him forget he is in the dumpster town that is St. Louis and might make him less depressed but on the other, it might impair his judgement at the plate. He might be swinging at less desirable pitches through the lens of beer goggles and if he’s anything like me, he will still swing and miss (that’s a hitting on chicks joke, folks).

People forget that drinking on the job is legal in St. Louis because the town is so miserable, so this has no legal implications, which is good. This also teaches the children of St. Louis that alcohol is the solution to all of their problems instead of making them figure it out on their own. All in all, I hope this works out for Dex but I’ve seen what St. Louis can do to people, and its not always pretty.